Veil Types & Lengths

A blusher is worn over your face as you walk down the aisle. The blusher may be lifted away at the altar by the person giving you away, or until the officiator says "You may kiss the bride!". The veil is then removed by your new husband.

Shoulder Length
The standard length is 24", although may range from 18" to 27". This veil is sometimes called a Madonna or Flyaway veil. Shoulder length veil touches your shoulders or covers them slightly.

Elbow Length
An elbow length veil just reaches your elbows or waist. It may range from 28"to 36" in length.

Fingertip Length
Fingertip veils are usually 48" long. It may range from 36" to 50" in order to just graze your fingertips when your fingers are extended.

Waltz Length
The usual length of a waltz length veil is 54" to 60". The waltz length veil should end 8" to 12" above the floor. This veil is sometimes called a Ballerina or Walking veil.

Chapel Length
A chapel length veil just skims the floor with no excess trailing behind. Length depends on the brides height.

Cathedral Length
Usually reserved for very formal weddings, the veil ranges between 3 yards and 5 yards. At least 1 foot of veil should trail on the floor.

Bird Cadge Veils
A modern take on a vintage veil…

A modern take on a vintage veil…


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